OEF Funding our Schools

Projects that you have helped us to fund in the past 10 years.

 Wood/STEAM/Tech District Initiative: $45,000

Highlight: In partnership with the Oakland Board of Education, the OEF has dedicated $45,000.00 towards the development of a Wood/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics)/Tech District Wide Initiative to begin implementation during the 2015-2016 school year.

Two Science Lab Renovations: $170,000

Highlight: In 2006, the OEF funded the renovation of a VMS science lab and in 2012 we were able fund the $100,000 renovation of the second science lab, which had not had an update since the 1950’s.

Technology: $82,000

Highlight: The OEF has been able to provide Computers, Smartboards, Laptops, and most recently iPads.

Programming Grants: $59,000

Highlight:  In addition to other grants, the OEF has supported the Balanced Literacy Program over the course of the 2013-2016 school years for a total of $30,000.00 in OEF contributions.  This is a new and innovative approach to literacy and writing on a District-wide level.

Highlight:  The OEF recently funded the IXL Online Math Enhancement program as a teacher grant to provide subscriptions for all 6th–8th grade students in the district.

Fifth Grade Buehler Challenger Experience: $23,200

Highlight: Over the years, the OEF has been able to help offset the expense for thousands of our fifth graders to experience the excitement of outer-space exploration in a simulated yet rewarding way through the Buehler Challenger Program located on the campus of Bergen Community College.

Teacher Grants: $25,000

Highlight: Since 2013, the OEF has been supporting teacher grants for programs that enrich the student experience.  Recent grants awarded include $4,500 for a 3-D Printer Makerbot Station for VMS and $5,550 for an Art Immersion Day Program for all K-5th grade students.

Class Trips and misc.:  $13,000

Highlight:  The Oakland Public School District is excited to enhance its school/community relationship by offering parents access to the Education Portal.  Realtime’s Parent Portal allows the district to share with you information related to your child’s educational experience and the OEF is excited to fund this valuable new Communication Tool.

College Scholarships: $32,000

Highlight:  The OEF offers two $500 scholarships to seniors in high school who have graduated from the Oakland K-8 Public School District.